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If You are Looking For PPC Training, Then This is Right Place For You! 

We offer PPC Training to people who are looking to start their career in PPC or people interested to work as freelancer or business people seeking how to promote their business with Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo & Google adwords.


Why Me?

Google Adwords Certified
5+ Years of Experience
25+ Happy  Students
Live Project Training
Access to Learning Content
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Google Adwords Advertising
Facebook Advertising
Linkedin Advertising
Microsoft Ad Center Advertising (BING/YAHOO)


What is Pay Per Click?
Benefits of PPC.
Adwords Account Structure.
What is CTR, CPM, CPC & CPV?
What is Impression?
What is Conversion?
What is Cost per Conversion?
How to Create Campaign
Create Effective Adgroup
Measurement of Ads Copy
Making Strategies of Ads Copy
Conversion Tracking Strategies 
What is Keyword Analysis?
Keywords Tools
Keyword  Analysis & Optimization
What is Landing Page?
Benefits of Landing Page 
Landing Page Creation & Selection
What is Ads Extensions?
What is Bidding? 
Automatic Bidding Management 
competitor's Analysis
How to use Calls to Action
Account Sharing & Permissions
Google Analytic Linking
Billing & Reporting
Google MCC Account
Gmail & YouTube  Campaign
Ad Center Advertising Campaign
Conversion Tracking for BING
Billing & Reporting of BING
Manage Facebook Ads Account
Post Advertising
Likes Advertising
Page Adverting
Billing & Reporting
Pixel Conversion of Facebook
Manage LinkedIn Ads Account
Most useful PPC Tools, Tips and Tricks


Learn how to setup and improve your campaigns to increase conversions. Get the best, most accurate and up-to-date training and tips available. Learn directly from a Google Adwords Certified Trainer. Understand and apply best practices to campaign management. 

Our training is a comprehensive training program suitable for both technical and non-technical roles in marketing and development.


AMAZING, Give you lots of chances to  improve. He is a real educator, very down to the earth, and a very smart guy Irshad

"Thank you for offering it and for all your help. You are AWESOME!!!"-Heeresh Varshney

"It was a great & inspiring PPC training. Really helpful for me. I would definitely recommend it"Anil Gangwar


I'm PHP Developer & Google Adwords Certified Trainer. I'll provide the most accurate & up-to-date Training. See more information about me, click here.

I will help you get where you want to be.

Always looking forward to learn new technologies and learn as much as possible to move towards perfection.

Ready to take your PPC to the next level?  then you have come to the right place, I am looking forward to work with you!